Filmstill, interview with Olenka Bordo, Afroperuvian social education worker / activist

Check out the interviews of my ongoing audiovisual project No more poems for Columbus in a new website. The featured interviews critically analyze how the myth of the discovery of the Americas is reenacted in their respective territorial contexts.


Historian, teacher and activist Claudia Andrea Gotta and artist Karen Michelsen Castañón discuss aspects related to the histories and struggles of the collectives involved in the exhibition The Listening and the Winds. Narratives and Inscriptions of the Gran Chaco.

To listen to the two podcasts (Spanish) and read their English and German translations:

This wonderful group exhibition in which I participate among many other artistic positions runs until 28 May 2021 @district in Berlin: Picking out images of my souls’s eyes. Understanding Gloria E. Anzaldúa through artistic practices 

In September 2020 Andenbuch in Berlin hosted the screening of a video by the National Weaver’s Movement of Guatemala & AFEDES, followed by an online Q & A with Aura Cumes & Angelina Aspuac:
Thoughts in response to the documentary “Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World” (2020, HD, 12:35 min / Direction & production: Aura Cumes / AFEDES / Camera, sound & editing: Karen Michelsen Castañón)
You can watch the video with English subtitles here:


My short film Hilar una frase is part of the new publication “Man schenkt keinen Hund” – a book that critically examines the so-called German integration language courses. The film can be currently viewed at the exhibition Qalqala: Plus d’une langue (La Kunsthalle, centre d’art contemporaine Mulhouse), also as a component of Man schenkt keinen Hund.


Nepantla Bibliothek #5

Workshop at Amerika-Gedenk-Library in Berlin
January 2020
Stories beyond the „discovery“ of Abya Yala (Central, South America and the Caribbean)


The exhibition Man schenkt keinen Hund is on view at Arthur Boskamp Stiftung from 1 July – 24 September 2017.

The film HILAR UNA FRASE / Stringing words together (2016, HD, 33 min, Spanish with English subtitles) is part of the exhibition project Man schenkt keinen Hund, which critically examines instructional material used in the so-called German “integration” courses.

Screening of HILAR UNA FRASE / Stringing words together (with German subtitles) on 27 April 2017, 7 pm at S.U.S.I. Intercultural Women’s Centre in Berlin, and on 11 october at xart splitta, Berlin.

For screening dates of the film An orphanage in China (2014, HD, 30 minutes), please go to the film’s facebook page.