My work deals with the ways (colonial) histories are told, and encompasses textiles, photographs, installations and essayistic films. I’m interested in creating work that opens up a space for reflection, and ways of incorporating daily life into artistic practices that defy patriarchal paradigms of “art”.

A very important reference for my work is the materiality and language of textiles, in particular textiles from the Peruvian Andes. To me, a weaving is like a body, and not just a two-dimensional layering of surfaces – a living body that talks about different voices, spaces and histories. It is with the complex weaving as main reference that I question how histories are told, to counter the views that there is a single “universal” history.

Often a personal experience or memory triggers the historical and visual research behind my pieces. At the same time, anticolonial practices and theories in the contexts of empowering pedagogies, healing and creative group processes are a vital source of inspiration to me.